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Eugene Delacroix prints are exceptional examples of some of the best French art ever created, and covers all Delacroix's best paintings in full, as well as offering recommended retailers that sell Delacroix print reproductions online of all the classic paintings found in this website. Delacroix played an important role in both French art but also French history with the depictions and portraits found in many of his best known paintings. See below to see his best paintings and discover more of this French artist.

Liberty Leading the People Delacroix Print

Liberty Leading the People Art Print by Eugene Delacroix

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Delacroix is a famous French artist for two main reasons, firstly the great quality and emotion found in his paintings, and secondly the dramatic and historically important topics of many of his key paintings, such as Liberty Leading the People as seen above.

The best known works from the career of Eugene Delacroix besides Liberty Leading the People include Death of Sardanapalus, Arabs Skirmishing In The Mountains, Aspasia, Basket of Flowers, Christ on the Sea of Galilee, Clorinda Rescues Olindo und Sophronia and Columbus and His Son at La Rábida.

For those interested in Eugene Delacroix, you can find a gallery of Delacroix paintings here.

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